Interview: Clock Opera

This interview first appeared in The Fly on May 08.

Guy Connelly is a man who has a beard, but unlike a lot of people who have beards, Guy Connelly is also an excellent musician in a musical-project-type-outfit called Clock Opera. I saw him play at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen in November, which was magic in a sort of grown up way. Then I reviewed his album in March and didn’t like it. When not discussing artichokes and double decker chains (see below) I told Guy why I found his album felt a bit uninteresting, and he seemed to find some coherence in the incoherent point I was trying to make. What a gent.

Hello Guy. Where are you right now?
I’m at St Pancras station, we’re about to do a small gig as a warm-up for Camden Crawl this weekend. We’re on this stage at 5pm, right in the middle of rush hour.

Does St Pancras have good acoustics?
It does. There’s a guy playing some music nearby, it sounds very good.

Really? Give us a live review please…
Er, yes. It’s quite ethereal, whispery… beautiful music. The whole place is very dreamy, I’m just walking along on the phone to you. Playing a gig in a station feels a bit dream-like.

When was the last time you went on a train? Apart from an underground one?
Oh man, it’s probably been a while. I remember it being a double-decker train, though, but I might be confusing it with that film I saw, where Jake Gyllenhaal had 15 minutes to stop a train bomb. You know, the one where he kept going back in time to the start of the fifteen minutes.

I can’t remember the name [it was Source Code, Films Ed], but it was like that train. I was on the bottom ‘deck’ of the double-decker train, if indeed it was real at all.

Given the options of the ‘standard’ deck and the exciting upper-deck, it seems you made a poor decision regarding where you sat on the train.
Yes, I suppose I couldn’t enjoy the view as much. Wherever I was going, I’m sure the view would have been good up at the top.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone?
A long time ago. I’d love to write more letters but I never have the time. When I was visiting my dad’s house though I found a sealed letter that I’d written, but never sent.

Who was the letter for?
My best friend at the time.

What does it say?
I have no idea. Maybe I should send it, and pretend it took six years to arrive. The real question is… why didn’t I send it?  Also, I found an old camera at my dad’s with the film still inside. I really want to get it developed and see what’s on there.

Can you still get photographs developed?  Maybe at Boots?
Yea. If I ever get round to it, I’ll send you one.

What did you have for lunch?
I had a posh cheese and artichoke sandwich. It was basically a cheese toastie with artichoke added. I would recommend it, I mean, it was pretty standard but the high quality ingredient was very good.

Would you recommend artichoke to The Fly readers?
I absolutely would, yes.

What does artichoke taste like?
I don’t know, that’s like asking what the colour green is to a blind man. Just have some in a salad or something.

The UK has been gripped by ‘Bank Holiday Fever’. Do you enjoy bank holidays?
I’m usually working them. I have no idea what a bank holiday is! I have to ask crowds what day of the week it is.

Are the-
Source Code! That was the film with Jake Gyllenhaal.  [We know. Smugness Ed]

Amazing. Bank Holidays are great, but what is ‘the vibe’ like at your gigs? Are the fans more excited on a bank holiday, for example?
I don’t actually think we’ve played one before. I suppose there’s that elation a having an extra day off… but a bank holiday Monday is basically a sunday night, isn’t it. There may be an air of regret, if they’ve misbehaved. I will ask them how they feel.

If you had to spend your life living one day of the week forever, what would it be?
Thursday! Every day for me is a Thursday night.

Thanks Guy!


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